Last week, our friends at Everpix announced they would be shutting their doors.

Since then, thousands of Everpix customers have found their way to Picturelife and began the process of manually moving their archives to our service.

Last night, Everpix started giving some of their customers an even easier way to move their archives off Everpix and onto another service by releasing their “Archive" feature.

Today, the Picturelife team worked tirelessly into the night to give those customers a seamless way to directly transfer their Everpix Archive, metadata included, over to Picturelife.

Because this has been a tough week for Everpix customers, Picturelife is allowing people using the tool to try our service for free, taking off our usual 5GB trial limit until Everpix customers get a chance to test out our platform with all their photos in it.

To sign up for Picturelife and/or start using this tool, simply head on over to .

If you have any questions, as always reach out to us on Twitter or on our Support site.